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Comfort in Japanese candle light

It is believed that candles began to be used in Japan in the Nara era (710-784). They were supposed to have been brought to Japan together with Buddhism. So called Japanese candles were established after the Muromachi era (1338 - 1573). When western candles were introduced in Japan in the Meiji era (1868 - 1912), accompanying the mass production of candles in the west, the number of Japanese candle producers decreased.

Japanese candles are made from Rhus succedanea, a plant that has greenish yellow flowers from May to June and bears white fruit. Oil extracted from this fruit becomes wax that has a distinctive aroma. Somo wrestlers use this oil to set their hair.

When you light a Japanese candle, together with the large light it cases, the aroma of Rhus succedanea fills the room and helps you relax. Why not try a Japanese candle on an important day such as the birthday of a family member?

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