Well known for its efforts in multilingual translation, the Sohos Ltd. (location: Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, representative: Kazushige Morota) has started a crowd funding project to jointly develop and market the clay cat sculptures created by Risa Takahashi on the MotionGallery crowd platform starting January 26. Our aim is to raise ¥1,000,000 starting from March 16. The funding we receive will be spent on expenses incurred in the course of this project.

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The book will show step-by-step descriptions of how to make clay cats. A gallery showing her creations will also be displayed. This will be Ms. Takahashi’s third publication and her first publication of an ebook (temporary title: “Funny Cats on World Tour”), which will be released in 12 major languages, including Japanese (Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Italian, German and Arabic) and released through Amazon, the world’s leading e-commerce marketing site. We are planning for a release in early May.

In addition to ebooks, Ms. Takahashi and the Sohos Ltd. Manage Risa’s Funny Clay Cats – her Clay Cat Classroom on a YouTube channel on an experimental basis. This channel shows videos of her clay cat classroom, a venture that is currently being reworked for multilingual presentation. With the release of this ebook, the YouTube channel videos and the ebook will be made to complement each other for a synergistic effect to make the YouTube classroom course more comprehensive.  

Ms. Takahashi has established a unique way of capturing brief cat moments infusing them with humor and immortalizing them in her work. This goes beyond mere portrayal of “cat moments,” she injects humor in their poses and adds fun titles to create “a cat world” all her own. Her works and their titles have a way of putting you at ease. For example, she can take an everyday situation or recreate a scene from a famous novel while giving it an appealing humorous or lyrical twist. We hope that under the guidance of Ms. Takahashi, students and readers from all over the world will be able to follow her in their own language and learn how to create their own clay cats and give them fun titles. The works of art you create will embody important information expressing the differences that set us apart and the similarities that unite us.

Co-sleeping with soy

Watching the blue unclouded sky
Source: “Wandering Record” by a renowned Japanese writer Fumiko Hayashi

We will also invite readers and subscribers to our YouTube channel to a worldwide exhibition of our works at the end of November this year. All titles and descriptions of works exhibited by participants from each country will be made available to the world in the common language of English and also in Japanese.

About Ms. Risa Takahashi

In 1993 after graduating from a high school of arts, she went to France where she graduated from Versailles Municipal School of Fine Arts. Five years later she returned to Japan where she started creating and marketing her own works of art. Since 2003 she has held annual exhibitions of her works at a variety of galleries. She also works as an instructor of clay cat creation courses at culture centers and other places for cultural activities in Tokyo City. In 2008, she published the first edition of “Nekokone” (followed by a second edition in 2009) and “Hinerineko” in 2011. Since 2016, her works were displayed in art textbooks for first-year junior high school students published by Mitsumura Tosho Publishing.

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