The Sohos Ltd. originally was formed to provide translation services (Japanese & foreign languages) associated with various industrial literature, including computers and other technological fields. In connection with this business, the company established relationships with many businesses and acquaintances abroad. On the other hand, some among us may get the impression that the true image of Japan and Japanese has not really been properly understood by foreigners even though Japan is said to be one of the world’s most advanced industrial nations. We believe one of the underlying reasons why others get a misleading impression of Japan and the Japanese people is a failure to disseminate adequate intelligence overseas. In trade relations with overseas, although a enormous amount of and various types of Japanese products have been exported to foreign countries, the intelligence activities required to deliver international relations is still deemed insufficient. Such background circumstances motivated us to open our “Irohashop” in 2004, which introduces handpicked traditional Japanese artworks, articles of daily use and scenic sites to interested parties from all over the world. And now, we’ve reopened a full-fledged revision of the site.

Name: Kanae Morota
Job Title: Manager

Worked for a travel agency. She has fine taste in clothing, particularly with vertically-striped patterns.

tml-man-56087_150Name:  Mariko Kobayashi
Job Title:  Writer

Formerly employed by a translation company as a translator and coordinator. She now also pursues cultural expression through flower arrangement, tea ceremony and kimono selection.

tml-girl-102829_150Name  Kazushige Morota
Job Title:  Webmaster

A translator in the computer world, he has extended his range to include webmaster duties.

tml-girl-102829_150Name  Don C. Elliott IV
Job Title:  Writer

University-educated, native bilingual English-Japanese speaker with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Portland State University, with an emphasis on chemistry. Extensive experience in the collection, management and analysis of data sets. Working knowledge of a broad range of testing equipment, chemical processes and procedures. Computer savvy; OS installation, configuration, and set up.