Kutani Glass Incense Burners


Size (inch): 3.43 (D) x 4.72.0 (H)

Kutani ceramics and glass fused together to form this sweet incense burner.
Choose your favorite one according to the feel of your home.

* “Edo Glass” is not used for the glass portion.

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KO134: Flower dancing


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 3.43 × 4.72 cm
Ceramic design

KO102 Paisley, KO107A Tessen Ameyu, KO111SB Skyblue Petals, KO120 Stone path (square), KO124 White Grain Tessen, KO128 Gold flowers, KO132 Seedling, KO133 Rabbits, KO134 Petals flying, KO135GL Gold Mokubei


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