S16 Plateau: Yuri-kinsai – Taisanboku Pattern


By: Minori YOSHIDA, the third-generation of the Kinzangama Kiln, who was designated a Living National Treasure in 2001.

This is one of the Yosida Minori’s best masterpieces.

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“Yuri-kinsai” is a glazing technique to produce underglaze gold decoration porcelain. The major feature is a highly transparent overglaze on gilded porcelain.

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    • 1926: Took over Kinzangama pottery, beginning a lifelong journey of pottery making
    • 1974: Selected for a prize in the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
    • 1976: Received a prize in the Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition
    • 1978: Received a prize in the Issuikai Ceramics Exhibition
    • 1980: Received a prize in the 3rd Traditional Kutani Ceramic Crafts Exhibition
    • 1984: Received a Japanese Traditional Crafts Exhibitions Encouragement award
    • 1992: Designated as the holder of the Kutani ceramic technique, an intangible cultural property
    • 1993: Held a private exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo
      His underglaze gold bowl was selected as a permanent preservation work at the Sackler Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.
    • 1995: Won a prize at the 1994 Japan Ceramic Society
      Became a review committee member of the 42th Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
    • 2000: Became a review committee member of the 47th Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
    • Received an award from the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
    • 2001: Received the Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon
      Designated as the holder of underglaze gold, a nationally-designated important intangible cultural property
    • 2002: Received the Komatsu City Cultural Award
    • 2006: Received the Order of the Rising Sun
    • 2007: Exhibited in “Crafting Beauty in Modern Japan” at the British Museum
    • 2010: Held the 80th Birthday Anniversary Exhibition in Mitsukoshi Department Store in Tokyo
    • 2011: Introduced in a craft technique documentary film created by the Agency for Cultural Affairs
    • 2012: Exhibited overseas hosted by Agency for Cultural Affairs
      Exhibited in “Technique and Beauty of Japan/Spirit of Modern Crafts (Florence city in Italy)

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Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 50 × 50 cm


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