S4 Raised Both Paws Beckoning Cat: Calico


Product No.: K7-1489
Size (inch): 2.76(w) x 2.76(d) x 4.53(h)

A beloved little calico beckoning cat.
Raising both paws invites good fortune and good people.

This is a nice gift for someone moving into a new house or opening a new shop or business.

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Japanese people place a beckoning cat in the entrance hall of their home as an auspicious thing that is believed to ensures good fortune. Merchandisers also put it at the store entrance to invite a long line of customers.

It has been said that white invites good fortune, brown brings the state of perfect health and black will get rid of evil.
In addition, it is said that you will not be distressed if you put a calico cat on your boat.

by Kuniyoshi Utagawa

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 11.5 cm


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