S5 Raised Right Paw Beckoning Cat: Green Mori


Product No.: K6-1501
Size (inch): 2.76(w) x 2.76(d) x 4.72(h)

A cute bright green beckoning cat that will bring peace and safety to your family.

This is a nice gift for someone moving into a new house or opening a new shop or business.

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Japanese people place a beckoning cat in the entrance hall of their home as an auspicious thing that is believed to ensures good fortune. Merchandisers also put it at the store entrance to invite a long line of customers.

A short tale about cat:
In the UK, there is a proverb saying “No one can say black is your Eye.” This means that if you give someone a reproachful glare, you will be cursed. This is “Evil Eye” (or Evil Vision), that is, the magic power that curses the other person by glowering others with evil.

An English story in the 18th century that the witch was still believed and the cat was believed to be a witch’s attendant. On the verge of a forest in Northampaland, England, there was a hut where a witch lived. I heard that the villagers have shut up the woman here for some reason. They didn’t easily tell me why, but I finally heard that they were afraid of this woman’s cat and that this woman herself had Evil Eye. So, they thought it was a sinister to meet this woman in the morning.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 12 cm


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