Wine Glass: Flower tapestry


Product No.: WL127
Glass type: Tulip

A beautiful large wine glass created by combining clear glass with Kutani ceramics!


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Glass type: Red crystal (Tulip).

Glass types

Milky glass | Opal Glass
Using invisible drawing revealed by applying heat, special raw materials, and rapid temperature change, realizes breathtaking opalescent color.

Red crystal | Tulip
Has a high refractive index of light and the beauty of its excellent transparency and luster are unmatched.

Barium Crystal | Plain (M), slant (S) and grid (K)
While featuring a degree of transparency and gloss equivalent to crystals that contain lead, it is free from lead, which is of concern to the environment, and demonstrates excellent hardness and scratch resistance.

Additional information

Weight 370 g
Dimensions 8 × 17 cm


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