I found a lovely wallet of Manekineko in Nara, Japan. Nara city

Made of raven-black and lustrous leather, the inside the wallet is formed of yellow cloth and manekineko pattern cloth. Opening the clasp of its coin purse, then you can see a lot of manekineko faces again!

This could bring me good luck, since manekineko is said to bring good luck. In addition, black is a good color for a purse, reminding me of being in the black. The leather is pleasant to touch and comfortable on the hands.

Another one I found was made of blue-gray leather, a color I love very much. The cats in this wallet, some white and some black, have very expressive faces. Popular manekineko are white and said to bring us luck. Black ones ward off evil. Some cats are raising their right hands, others raising their left. According to a saying, the luck the cats bring differs on the hands they raise; if a cat raises its right hand, it is money, if the left hand, then people, and guests. Oh, and some are raising both hands!

Since both are very cute and look easy to use, which to choose? Shop staff say that we can order a wallet, choosing its leather and colors. These are made by Orgando in Nara. Other than wallets, they sell various types of bags, book covers and so on.

Orgando’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/OrgandoLeather/