Lawsuit Victorious! – Calico


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The Calico cat in this unique design is holding up a scroll that says: “Lawsuit Victorious!” It really does look like it is proudly saying to everyone, “I did it!”

Years ago, my sister’s cat caught a mouse in the backyard, brought into the house and placed it on the floor. His eyes were shining just like this.

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For over 20 years Ms. Risa Takahashi has been holding cat exhibitions in various places and also has been teaching cat lovers in cultural centers how to model cats using stone powder clay.

For some reason, “Lawsuit Victorious!” is really quite popular.
Maybe that’s because of its proud expression?
Two types are available: Calico, and Black & White.

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Weight 22 g
Dimensions 3.9 × 4.0 × 8.4 cm


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