After a long hiatus we are now finally ready to announce the reopening of our IROHASHOP online store!

As you will realize when you enter, we have completely changed the appearance of the shop using the latest technology. We continue our line of traditional arts and crafts centering on Ishikawa prefecture, but we are adding new items almost daily to build a full lineup of attractive pieces. Be sure to pay us a visit!

The wars and other unfortunate events occurring around the world makes us wish for a more peaceful world. We wish we were able to do something about it, yet, at the same time, it is sad to realize that there is not much we can do.

As you will see, on a visit to our shop, maneki-neko (beckoning cats), one of our perennial favorites, are in plentiful supply. Our simple belief in the supernatural powers of these cats to bring luck makes us wish we could deliver one of them to each of you so their fervent prayers could bring luck to you and your loved ones and help you make acquaintances and form lasting relationships with great people.

It is our intention to make more widely known the existence (?) of the numerous gods, Jizo and maneki-neko of Japan as well as the arts and crafts that the island country of Japan has created and nurtured since times immemorial that came into full bloom in the Edo Period in the early 17th century. We will also introduce locations that are famous either for their historic significance or their scenery.

Attention all makers of handicrafts!
How about displaying your handicrafts here? We sell not only to customers in Japan but throughout the world. This is your chance to reach a wider range of admirers of exquisitely crafted works of art. Please contact us for details.